Dasani Water

introduction and first glance
Dasani water, the first thing i grabbed for after i was dying of thrist...Its a long story, but to put a long story short, my boss had banned drinks at work because someone left a pizza at work overnight (me lol)... Anyway, the water is advertised with a pure look, nice and blue, looks so refreshing with little waves inscribed on the bottle, the drink looks like it is the most replenishing water possible.

Taste Test
Obviously this drink is just plain water so it is not gonna taste special i would think, which is true, it is just a normal water, just purer than the stuff that comes out of your average sink (even though it is municipal water that is double-purified i guess you could say).

Nutritional Information
What can i say, its H2O, good for you in terms of replenishing and refreshment, and im guessing this water is better because it is double filtered!

Overall review:
Price: $1.60 per bottle
Taste: 5/10 -water, no taste, neutral, still some of the best water ive tasted though.
nutrition: 6/10 Obviously the most hydrating liquid possible, besides a couple few products that have electrolytes, but no vitamins, water does not contain vitamins..
energy boost: 2/10 water gives no energy boost, but rather a rehydration and makes use of energy more efficient.
Overall rating: 6/10 for me but in its class as a bottled water i would rate it 9/10 because if i ever need bottled water i know i can trust Dasani...

Eh, this is one of my more boring reviews...What can i say, its water!

Vitamin Water: Power C dragonfruit

introduction and first glance
Vitamin water: Power C, a re-visit to the first vitamin water i ever tried, Power C is advertised as the vitamin water that will make you lift heavy things, do man-like powerful feats and more! The vitamin water is advertised as a power pick-me-up loaded with vitamins, it is light red in color, and looks like a thirsty fulfiller, i decided to rate it.

Taste Test
Opening the bottle, i felt that vitamin water "pump rush", you know that feeling you get when you open the bottle and the pressure is released... Anyway, i took that sip and it was a great flavor, the flavor is actually dragonfruit and is hard to describe but has a flavor similar to pomenegrate but it is definitally not pomenegrate, real hard to describe, its also not to sweet and a little tart.

Nutritional Information
Again, vitamin water is the SH*T nutrition wise, but i noticed that this vitamin water was advertised to pick me up, something it did not do. It did not give me a boost the first time i tried it, or this time, or ever, i dont know why they advertise it to do so and i am a little ticked by that...The drink makes up for it though with its healthy contents of much needed nutritions for my nutrition-starved body, but it doesnt provide the caffeine!

Overall review:
Price: $1.49 per bottle ($1 sale often)
Taste: 6.5/10 Dragonfruit, a good flavor but a little stale
nutrition: 8/10 Great nutrition wise, but wheres the jolt it advertises?
energy boost: 2/10 Same as the other vitamin water, no jolt was felt..
Overall rating: 6.5/10 Not as good as XXX, lacking in flavor and lying to me!

Sun Chips : Garden Salsa

First glance and product facts
Today i decided to review my first food item, that would be Sun Chips: garden salsa flavor. At first glance, the product is enticing, in that it looks spicy and flavorful, just from its name: Garden Salsa. The name of the product is enough to make my mouth water, and i had trust in the Sun chips brand from the original product, so i decided to give it a try.

Taste Test
Since this product was a "chip" product, i would go through my signature "opening" procedure, open the products bag, smell the product then commence eating is the process... Here goes: I opened the bag and immediately i could smell the spicy pepper and salsa aroma and was enticed to quickly take a chip and eat it, which i did. The chips tasted very good, having a very vidid flavor of salsa, peppers, and that notoriously good sun chips original flavor (wheaty and salty) combined and mixed perfectly with the salsa. I loved this product!

Nutritional information
The nutrition of this product, is like any other junk food, not exactly healthy for you, but frito-lay has made an effort to make this product as good as possible. Sun chips is actually very healthy for its category, ranking with the top, in nutritional value of its category, something to be happy about! The product also has a wholesome "wheaty" nutritional value.

Overall review
Price: $0.60 cents per small bag, price varies up to $3.99 a big bag
Taste: 8.6/10 Wow, what a great flavor, salsa, pepper and sunchips original flavor
nutrition: 4/10 Not the best thing for you but great in its category
hunger fullfilment: 8/10 the product mostly fulfilled my hunger attack but the quantities they serve are not the greatest for fulfillment..
Overall rating: 8.4/10 I thought this was a great product and is my favorite in the Sun Chip series, kudos to Frito lay with this piece..

Vitamin Water: XXX acai-blueberry pomenegrate

Introduction and first glance
Today i have decided to review a product that has become popular over these last couple years, well basically in just about a year it has become one of the most popular items in my supermarket, Vitamin water. I have decided to review the XXX flavor because all the teens seem to be buying it, so i must too! I have currently just finished a shift of work and i am ready for some refreshment. At first glance the bottle jumps at you, with some cunning words on the side that make you laugh, and then the nutrition facts, just littered with healthy words and vitamins :) ...I knew i was going to enjoy this..

Taste Test
As i opened the bottle of vitamin water i felt that weird feel of a decompression that all vitamin waters have, a great signature that let me know i was safe in the hands of vitamin water. After lifting the cap i took a whiff of the product and it has a very pomenegrate smell, a good uplifting smell. The product has a great berry-pomenegrate taste, and as for the acai flavor, it is barely noticeable, but it is present. The vitamin water was great tasting just like most of the others and was greatly appreciated after such a long shift...

Nutritional Information
Wow, what can i say, vitamin water is the SH*T nutrition-wise...100% daily value B through C vitamins and much more, if you are looking for some vitamins, vitamin water is the way to go, hence the name "vitamin-water"...Do your body something healthy with this product..

Overall review:
Price: $1.49 per bottle ($1 sale often)
Taste: 7.2/10 a great taste i must say, but the flavor is lacking a big punch
nutrition: 8.8/10 The way to go for nutrition, more vitamins than orange juice but still not better due to a lack of antioxidants and wholesomeness orange juice provides.
energy boost: 2/10 I felt pretty much no energy boost from this product, as there is not much sugar, calories, and absolutely no caffeine...
Overall rating: 7.3/10 A great product, not my favorite vitamin water so far but good for teens ;)

Wawa Orange Juice

Introduction and Product History
Today i have decided to review a staple of american households for the morning, orange juice, and not just any orange juice; wawa brand orange juice. At first glance this orange juice looks refreshing, and it being the morning, my throat is parched from a dry-aired night (result of the electric heaters) and this and coffee is what i am looking for this morning. Wawa orange juice has been around almost as long as wawa, and this is a completely new test for me.

Taste Test
As i opened the bottle of orange juice i was overwhelemed by that orange scent, i had not smelled it in a long time haha...I drank it straight from the bottle and overall enjoyed the first orange flavor but it seems a little too watery i must say, as if it is a very watery concentrate, but the drink still sufficed. The drink is nothing special, just like any other orange juice i would expect, not a high ranker. I enjoyed it given the circumstances but next time i am going to pay an extra 50 cents for tropicana brand.

Nutritional Information
Orange juice is the holy grail of nutritional value. As i drank it i thought of the amount of replenishing i am giving my body. The orange juice contains a ton of vitamins, but not anything you couldnt get from a different brand of orange juice, or even some vitamin water :) ...

Overall review:
Price: 2.19$ per liter
Taste: 5.7/10 watery but still orange juice
nutrition: 9/10 Great nutritional content that orange juice provides
energy boost: 4.8/10 Small fruit juice sugar spike and good vitamins provide a small kick.
Overall rating: 6/10 I liked the overall product but i will reach for a more expensive brand next time i get my orange juice.


Introduction and product history
To start off the creation of my food review blog i have decided to start the blog off with an american classic...Sprite. Sprite has been tried by pretty much everybody in the United States; and advertises itself as a refreshing drink, that is caffeine free, and lemon-lime flavored. At first glance i know i am going to enjoy this drink since i have experienced it many times before. Sprite has been around since 1961 when it was introduced to compete with 7-up.

Taste test
I opened the can and gulped in the Sprite; it was an indulgement of carbonation and lemon-lime flavor, it was great to say the least and very refreshing. The drink leaves no bad aftertaste, it is very crisp and is a quick and thirst quenching flavor. I enjoyed it.

Nutritional information
The sprite however did not have the best nutritional contents, it was spiked with sugar yet no vitamins, exactly what you would expect though from a soft drink. I was also dissapointed in the lack of caffeiene as i am a caffeine addict, which is why i dont enjoy the flavor of sprite often.

Overall review:
Price: 1.59$ per liter bottle avg.
Taste: 7.4/10 crisp lemon lime taste
nutrition: 1.7/10 advertised as natural but seems to be only an energy supplier overall with no nutritional value.
energy boost: 4.5/10 the sugar provides a spike in energy, but no caffeine!
Overall rating: 7/10 I liked the product, and will reach for it whenever i have a need for lemon lime...