Introduction and product history
To start off the creation of my food review blog i have decided to start the blog off with an american classic...Sprite. Sprite has been tried by pretty much everybody in the United States; and advertises itself as a refreshing drink, that is caffeine free, and lemon-lime flavored. At first glance i know i am going to enjoy this drink since i have experienced it many times before. Sprite has been around since 1961 when it was introduced to compete with 7-up.

Taste test
I opened the can and gulped in the Sprite; it was an indulgement of carbonation and lemon-lime flavor, it was great to say the least and very refreshing. The drink leaves no bad aftertaste, it is very crisp and is a quick and thirst quenching flavor. I enjoyed it.

Nutritional information
The sprite however did not have the best nutritional contents, it was spiked with sugar yet no vitamins, exactly what you would expect though from a soft drink. I was also dissapointed in the lack of caffeiene as i am a caffeine addict, which is why i dont enjoy the flavor of sprite often.

Overall review:
Price: 1.59$ per liter bottle avg.
Taste: 7.4/10 crisp lemon lime taste
nutrition: 1.7/10 advertised as natural but seems to be only an energy supplier overall with no nutritional value.
energy boost: 4.5/10 the sugar provides a spike in energy, but no caffeine!
Overall rating: 7/10 I liked the product, and will reach for it whenever i have a need for lemon lime...

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